Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
MU en Gestió i Innovació en la Indústria Alimentària 1 FOOD SAFETY
Màster Universitari en Enginyeria Agronòmica (inter) (R 2019) 2 FOOD SAFETY


Research projects Start date End date Main researchers
CERTA. Funcionament Unitat de Tecnologia de Productes Vegetals 2008-2009 01/01/2008 31/12/2009 GRUP RECERCA TECNOLOGIA DE PRODUCTES VEGETALS (TPV-CERTA)
Aproximación integrada a la exposición humana simultánea a ocratoxina A y deoxinivalenol (MYCOEXPO) 01/01/2012 31/12/2014 VICENTE SANCHIS ALMENAR
Thesis Year Direction
Exposure assessment of Catalonian population to mycotoxins 2013 Sanchis Almenar Vicente; Marin S.
Publications Year Authors Type
Co-occurrence of musk fragrances and UV-filters in seafood and macroalgae collected in European hotspots 2015 S C Cunha, J O Fernandes, L Vallecillos, G Cano-Sancho, J L Domingo, E Pocurull, F Borrull, A.L. Maulvault, F Ferrari, M Fernandez-Tejedor, F Van den Heuvel, M Kotterman Article d'investigació
Exposure of the population of Catalonia (Spain) to musk fragrances through seafood consumption: Risk assessment 2015 Trabalon L, Cano-Sancho G, Pocurull E, Nadal M, Domingo JL, Borrull F. Article en premsa
Consumers’ health risk–benefit perception of seafood and attitude toward the marine environment: Insights from five European countries 2015 Silke Jacobs, Isabelle Sioen, Zuzanna Pieniak, Stefaan De Henauw, Ana Luisa Maulvault, Marieke Reuver, Gabriella Fait, German Cano-Sancho, Wim Verbeke Article d'investigació
Comparison of the nutritional composition and the concentrations of various contaminants in branded and private label yogurts 2015 German Cano-Sancho, Gemma Perello, Marti Nadal, Jose L. Domingo Article d'investigació
Integrated risk index for seafood contaminants (IRISC): Pilot study in five European countries 2015 German Cano-Sancho, Isabelle Sioen, Griet Vandermeersch, Silke Jacobs, Johan Robbens, Martí Nadal, José L Domingo Article d'investigació
Cytotoxicity of the mycotoxins deoxynivalenol and ochratoxin A on Caco-2 cell line in presence of resveratrol 2015 Cano-Sancho G, González-Arias CA, Ramos AJ, Sanchis V, Fernández-Cruz ML. Article d'investigació
Environmental contaminants of emerging concern in seafood – European database on contaminant levels 2015 Vandermeersch, Griet,; Lourenço, Helena Maria; Alvarez-Muñoz, Diana; Cunha, Sara; Diogène, Jorge; Cano-Sancho, German; Sloth, Jens; Kwadijk, Christiaan; Barcelo, Damia; Allegaert, Wim; Bekaert, Karen; Article en premsa
Extensive Literature Search on the bioavailability of selected trace elements in animal nutrition: Incompatibilities and interactions 2014 G. Cano-Sancho, Joaquim Rovira, G. Perelló, I.Martorell, N.Tous, M. Nadal, J.L. Domingo Document científic-tècnic
Mycotoxins: Occurrence, toxicology and exposure assessment 2013 Marin S, Ramos AJ, Cano-Sancho G, Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Determination of aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, ochratoxin A and zearalenone in wheat and oat based bran supplements sold in the Spanish market 2013 Vidal, A; Marin, S; Ramos, AJ; Cano-Sancho, G; Sanchis, V. Article d'investigació
Occurrence and exposure assessment of aflatoxins in Catalonia (Spain) 2013 Cano-Sancho G; Sanchis V; Marin S; Ramos AJ. Article d'investigació
Reduction of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi in the Mediterranean basin maize chain 2012 Marin, S, Ramos, AJ, Cano-Sancho, G, Sanchis, V. Review
Micotoxines. Estudi de dieta total a Catalunya. 2008-2009. 2012 Cano-Sancho G, Marín S, Ramos AJ, Sanchis V. Llibre d'investigació
Occurrence of zearalenone, an oestrogenic mycotoxin, in Catalonia (Spain) and exposure assessment 2012 Cano-Sancho G; Marin S; Ramos AJ; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Exposure assessment to ochratoxin A in Catalonia (Spain) based on the consumption of cereals, nuts, coffee, wine, and beer 2012 Coronel MB, Marín S, Cano-Sancho G, Ramos AJ, Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Presence and co-occurrence of aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, fumonisins and zearalenone in gluten-free and ethnic foods 2012 Cano-Sancho G; Ramos AJ; Marín S; Sanchis S. Article d'investigació
Occurrence of fumonisins in Catalonia (Spain) and an exposure assessment of specific population groups 2012 Cano-Sancho G; Ramos AJ; Marin S; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Evaluación de la exposición humana a las micotoxinas: estudio global en la población de Cataluña (España) 2012 Ramos AJ, Cano-Sancho G, Sanchis V, Marín S. Article d'investigació
Exposure assessment of T2 and HT2 toxins in Catalonia (Spain) 2012 Cano-Sancho G, Marín S, Ramos AJ, Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Presence of trichothecenes and co-occurrence in cereal-based food from Catalonia (Spain) 2011 Cano-Sancho G; Valle-Algarra FM; Jiménez M; Burdaspal P; Legarda TM; Ramos AJ; Sanchis V; Marín S. Article d'investigació
Quantitative dietary exposure assessment of the Catalonian population (Spain) to the mycotoxin Deoxynivalenol. 2011 Cano-Sancho G; Gauchi J-L; Sanchis V; Marín S; Ramos AJ. Article d'investigació
Sphinganine and sphingosine levels and ratio in urine and blood samples from a Catalonian population (Spain) 2011 Cano-Sancho G, Marín S, Sanchis V, Colom C, Coronel B, Ramos AJ. Article d'investigació
Ochratoxin A and its metabolite ochratoxin alpha in urine and assessment of the exposure of inhabitants of Lleida, Spain 2011 Coronel MB; Marin S; Tarragó M; Cano-Sancho G; Ramos AJ; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Ochratoxin A in Spanish retail ground roasted coffee: Occurrence and assessment of the exposure in Catalonia 2011 Coronel MB; Marín S; Cano G; Ramos AJ; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Biomonitoring of Fusarium spp. mycotoxins: Perspectives for an individual exposure assessment tool. 2010 Cano-Sancho G; Marin S;Ramos AJ; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Aflatoxins and ochratoxin A in pistachios sampled in Spain: occurrence and presence of mycotoxigenic fungi 2010 Fernane F, Cano-Sancho G, Sanchis V, Marín S, Ramos AJ. Article d'investigació
Occurrence of aflatoxin M1 and exposure assessment in Catalonia (Spain) 2010 Cano-Sancho G; Marín S; Ramos AJ; Peris-Vicente J; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació
Survey of patulin occurrence in apple juice and apple products in Catalonia, Spain, and an estimate of dietary intake 2009 Cano-Sancho G; Marin S; Ramos AJ; Sanchis V. Article d'investigació